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2023 classes are finished for the year. Check back here for more classes in May 2024

Our classes were featured in the Wenatchee World!

My Rattlesnake Story

I watched firsthand as our dog found a rattlesnake, and as the snake coiled and rattled and raised its head to strike, my dog just wanted to play with it!  That is when I first discovered the need for rattlesnake avoidance training.

At that time, we lived in Arizona, and there was an Animal Behaviorist who had developed this training system and was providing classes.  We had our lab trained, and he remained rattlesnake proof for the remaining 12 years of his life.

We returned to Washington in 2003 and settled in Wenatchee.  I was surprised nobody was offering this training, as there were plenty of rattlesnakes around.  I had always intended to do these classes, but it finally became a necessity when we got a new puppy. So I decided that as long as I was going to need a snake and a collar to snake-proof my dog, I might as well offer the service to others.

I obtained my first  permit from WDFW in 2011 and began offering classes each summer.

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